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SureSmile®: The best modern orthodontic treatment with clear aligners instead of braces!

Our office is a modern dental practice in more than just name. At El Paso Modern Dentistry, we embody the latest and safest treatment alternatives that today’s dental science and technology affords our patients. SureSmile® represents just one of those many alternatives to “conventional” dental treatment. When planned and overseen by Dr. Enrique Darancou, SureSmile® aligners comfortably and effectively restore the appearance and health of El Paso, Texas, area patients’ smiles. 

An introduction to this attractive braces alternative  

Invisalign® Aligners

Clear aligner therapy has been around since the late 1990s. Instead of using fixed (non-removable) brackets, wires, and bands to reposition teeth, a series of oral appliances or clear aligners incrementally align teeth. They also correct an underbite, overbite, and other imbalances with how the upper and lower teeth come together when you bite down. 

These oral appliances (aligner trays) are made from an advanced clear and smooth plastic. So, they are comfortable, do not rub up against the inside of the mouth and tissues, and are transparent. No one notices them; they only see your gradually improved smile! Also, you can remove them whenever you brush and floss your teeth or eat. This design feature supports effective oral care and comfortable eating. 

The SureSmile® difference 

Over time, clear aligners have only gotten better. There are now more clear aligner brands and options available than ever before. Dr. Darancou has experience with other aligner brands, and SureSmile® leads the pack! Here are just a few of the ways that SureSmile® distinguishes itself from its competition – and all with your comfort, satisfaction, and safety at heart:

  • Our practice partners with the Dentsply Sirona digital lab to ensure you get great results and that treatment stays on track. 
  • The aligners themselves are designed using patented software and technologies; for instance, the use of a sophisticated intraoral scanner accounts for more than one million 3-dimensional points each second for the most exacting and fast diagnostics. 
  • All of these professional resources and supports help to ensure the aligners fit optimally. A precision fit facilitates effective repositioning of your teeth, as well as comfort. 
  • Unlike other options, SureSmile® really is part of a broader, multi-faceted system. Our team has at its fingertips the SureSmile® VPro™ high-frequency vibration device, which may be used to refine the fit of the aligners and to sustain the utmost comfort. This focus on the right fit and comfort is critical because patients must comply with wearing their aligners at all times except when eating, brushing, and flossing their teeth. Failure to do so can interfere with and delay treatment.
  • To prevent relapse, Dr. Darancou will provide you with innovative SureSmile® retainers. When worn as directed, they help to sustain the dazzling results from treatment by preventing the teeth from shifting back into their pretreatment positions. 
  • SureSmile® even offers a special whitening kit to boost another all-important cosmetic characteristic of your teeth – their shade. 

No stone has been left unturned in the development of SureSmile® clear aligner therapy for teeth misalignment and bite correction. Serving far western TX, El Paso Modern Dentistry can be reached at (915) 221-7001. During your SureSmile® consultation, Dr. Darancou will use special software to make a 3-D model of your mouth. This simulation shows (rather than tells) exactly how the aligners reposition teeth. What better way to understand the dramatic impact that these systems can have on your smile than to actually “see” the results beforehand? From there, if you like what you see, this information will be used to make your super-comfortable, truly clear aligners. 

A. Instead of the set (non-removable) brackets, wires, and bands, the SureSmile® system employs a series of oral appliances to realign teeth gradually. These dental appliances (aligner trays) are composed of a BPA-free thermoplastic that is clear and smooth. As a result, they are both comfy and transparent.

A. SureSmile® may treat crooked teeth, overcrowding, underbite, overbite, and other imbalances that can lead to various oral health disorders such as tooth decay, gum disease, TMJ discomfort, and airway issues.


  • A 3-D model of your mouth is created using sophisticated software.
  • This info will be used to create your aligner trays.
  • It is ‘essential’ that you wear the trays as your dentist recommends.
  • Each aligner should be worn for one to two weeks.
  • Afterwards, you will wear the tray corresponding to the next treatment step.

A. Because SureSmile® aligners are removable, you may take them out while eating, brushing, and flossing your teeth.

A. To attain the intended benefits, you must wear them for at least 20-22 hours daily.

A. Yes! The aligners are made from a smooth and flexible thermoplastic. They conform to the contours of teeth but do not irritate tissues. Conventional “hardware,” like the wires and brackets in braces, can break and poke up against the inside of your mouth. This is not an issue with comfy, precision-fit aligner trays.

A. No! Visits to the dentist’s office are minimal. Traditionally, a dentist or orthodontist would need to tighten wires during treatment to allow progress. However, clear aligner trays require fewer follow-up visits as they gradually shift teeth without the need for adjustments. Modern treatment SureSmile® only requires good patient compliance. During periodic visits to our friendly office in El Paso, Texas, Dr. Darancou will simply check that treatment is progressing as it should be. As needed, he will provide you with more aligners, too.

A. Easily! We will review these and other considerations and can even demonstrate good handling and cleaning techniques. It is generally suggested to use special cleaning tabs or crystals. Be sure to only rinse with lukewarm – not hot – water to prevent warping. Be sure to always keep them in your case when they are not being worn. Always brush and floss after meals and before reinserting the aligner. This prevents staining of the aligner trays and helps to keep your teeth healthy throughout treatment by minimizing lingering food particles. We also recommend avoiding smoking and the use of tobacco products. They stain your teeth as well as your aligners! If you must chew gum, take out your tray. So the gum does not stick to your aligner. If your current aligner breaks, don’t worry. Just call us, and we can discuss ways to ensure your treatment stays on track.

A. To prevent the teeth from shifting back to their pre-treatment positions, it is generally advised that all patients wear a retainer. The amount of time you must wear the retainer varies from person to person, depending on factors such as your unique needs and treatment plan. With time, the retainer may only be worn at night or for a few nights each week. Of course, be sure to visit El Paso Modern Dentistry for your regular check-ups. That way, Dr. Darancou can catch any changes to your teeth, gums, and mouth, and we can also clean your teeth and make sure your smile remains healthy and beautiful!