Middle age women smiling after having tooth extraction

Are you in need of dental extractions?

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The idea of having a tooth removed may sound a little scary or overwhelming. This is especially true since the goal of dentistry is to maintain the natural smile and oral health as long as possible. However, in some cases, it may be in your or your child’s best interest to have a tooth extraction performed. Dr. Enrique Darancou of El Paso, TX, may recommend removing a natural tooth for many reasons.

Why might I need an emergency tooth extraction?

Whether it is a dental emergency or just a routine evaluation that warrants possible removal, there are a few reasons why extractions may be performed. Some of these reasons include:

  • Trauma or injury to the natural tooth
  • Gum disease that has caused the tooth to become lost and no longer viable.
  • Preparations for orthodontic treatment
  • Impacted wisdom teeth (third molar extraction)
  • Removal of baby teeth to allow room for permanent teeth.

Why is wisdom teeth removal necessary?

The wisdom teeth are third molars that develop last within the smile, and they tend to become impacted or stuck underneath the gum line. Their position in the smile can also make them hard to keep clean and leave patients at risk of decay or disease. By performing molar extractions, patients can maintain their oral health and avoid the problems associated with these teeth.

What can I expect after tooth extraction?

The care and attention needed following tooth extraction varies depending on how many teeth were removed and what method of removal was performed. Patients who have had surgical removal of teeth, where the dentist accesses the tooth underneath the gums, will have a longer recovery time than those who have had a simple extraction of one or more teeth that are above the gumline.