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Ready to enjoy the benefits of same day crowns?

 Our dentist, Dr. Enrique Darancou, is pleased to offer one visit dentistry to new and established patients in his state-of-the-art facility. He has the latest and most advanced technology to ensure high quality care for patients of all ages. Learn about the advantages of same day crowns by calling (915) 221-7001 and scheduling a consultation visit at the office, conveniently located in El Paso, TX, at 210 Thunderbird Drive.

Obtaining restorations such as dental crowns is a somewhat routine procedure performed by Dr. Enrique Darancou of El Paso Modern Dentistry. El Paso, TX area patients who need crowns will find that at most dental facilities, the process can take several appointments to complete from start to finish. However, at our practice, patients can enjoy one visit dentistry with same day dental crowns.

What are same day crowns?

Dentists in the community who offer same day crowns are excited to eliminate added time and energy to a patient’s already busy schedule. In a traditional dental office, the process of preparing, creating, and placing a dental crown is extensive. It requires more than one appointment and the placing of a temporary restoration. However, with same day dental crowns at El Paso Modern Dentistry, patients can have the entire process completed in one visit. The dentist prepares the tooth for the crown by removing enamel from around the tooth structure. Then, impressions are done using digital technology to avoid the use of messy molds. These digital impressions are then sent to the CAD/CAM milling software and machine to create a precision restoration that fits perfectly over the natural tooth. The entire process can take less than an hour, and the patient will have a permanent restoration completed within this time.

Why choose same day crowns?

It is obvious why patients love one visit dentistry at El Paso Modern Dentistry. Instead of making separate appointments and waiting for a laboratory-created restoration, they can have the entire process from start to finish completed while they are in the dental chair. The crowns made in this manner are just as strong and durable as those made in a laboratory.