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 Contact El Paso, TX area dentist, Dr. Enrique Darancou to learn more about root canal therapy and determine if you need this service. Call (915) 221-7001 to request a consultation visit.

El Paso, TX patients who have had a severe infection, an abscess, or trauma to a tooth may be told by their dentist that they need root canal therapy. When patients hear these words, they often think of an undesirable, painful procedure. However, this is not the case! Root canal therapy with Dr. Enrique Darancou of El Paso Modern Dentistry is done to help patients restore their smiles while ensuring they are comfortable from start to finish!

 What is done during root canal therapy?

 The root canal procedure is a treatment that is done to save a natural tooth from extraction. During this procedure, the dentist will create an access hole into the tooth to reach the tissues inside of the tooth. This dental pulp is removed, the inner area is disinfected, and then the tooth is sealed with gutta percha and covered with a same-day dental crown as an extra layer of protection for the tooth.

What are alternative treatments to root canal therapy?

The only alternative to this procedure is extraction and replacement of the natural tooth, which can be time consuming and expensive. Instead, undergoing root canal therapy can salvage the tooth and eliminate the need for further attention.

Do root canals hurt?

Our team performed root canal therapy with the proper use of sedation and anesthetics to ensure patient comfort. In many cases, painful toothaches are what bring patients into the office for root canal therapy to obtain necessary relief!

How long does a root canal take?

Root canals are performed in a single appointment and typically take less than an hour to complete when performed by a skilled and experienced dental professional.

Can you eat after a root canal?

Speak to your doctor about limitations and post-operative care instructions to make sure that you are protecting the tooth during the healing process. Aftercare instructions should be followed carefully to significantly reduce the risk of complications.

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Root Canal
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