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CEREC Dental Crowns

Your best option is to call the experienced professionals here at El Paso Modern Dentistry at (915) 221-7001 today and let us suggest the best option for you! Making sure you are happy and comfortable is always our top priority.

The team at El Paso Modern Dentistry, can help you figure out the type of crown that would work best for you. For example, if you break a tooth, have a cavity that is now too large to fix conventionally or had a root canal, we’ll have to look into a crown to cover and protect the tooth.

A crown is a protective cap for your tooth that will guard any dental work that has been done. If we picture a tooth as one structure, the crown is the top part that we can see.

You have multiple options to determine what kind of crowns would work best for you and which one you can get. We will make sure to recommend the best fit for your particular situation. Although, the two most commonly used crown types are traditional dental crowns and CEREC crowns.


Their name stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, and they are typically made of a solid ceramic or resin material block. Their major benefit is that they can be made in a single visit, so you won’t need to use a temporary crown, wait for your actual crown to be made and then go back to have it installed.

Since it uses computer imaging technology, your new tooth is bound to match the color and fit together with the rest of your teeth. This means that no one will be able to distinguish it from your other teeth, other than your dentist. Also, since it’s made out of a solid block of material, it is often stronger than other crown types.


Once we determine that a crown is necessary, we prepare the tooth and use an intraoral camera to take a digital image of it; this is also known as an impression. Based on this image, we will use the CEREC software to create a virtual model of your tooth.

This model is then used to  restore the tooth on the screen restoration of the tooth on the screen and then pass the finished build to an in-office machine. This milling machine will complete the new CEREC crown using a high-grade ceramic, plaque-resistant material right in front of your eyes.

Then we add the finishing touches to the crown and place it on your tooth. They’re so precise that they rarely require bite adjustment, if at all. It will be perfectly made to fit in and match the rest of your teeth and your smile in the best possible form.

On top of this, CEREC crowns cost the same as traditional crowns and might even help you save up on an additional trip to the dentist. The technology used to get the impression also spares you from having to deal with that gooey mess of marking your tooth.